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What is a Global IPBX


50 Billion SIMs are estimated to be deployed during the Internet of Things (IOT) revolution over the next ten years. Roamobi will be holding presentations in key cities around the globe in 2016. Please call to arrange a meeting to discuss your participation in Greatest Business Opportunity in the History of Communication!


In early 2006 a group of mobile industry veterans got together to establish the ROAMOBI Project. With a combined experience of several decades in the industry they represent a considerable force for a major revolution in the mobile world! The declared goal was to remove all the conventional vendors which were in their opinion standing in the way of innovation and replace each component of the core network with proprietary components. This would open up tremendous innovation opportunities.


Global Roaming is the remaining ‘Cash Cow’ of the incumbents. ROAMOBI will tap into the significant revenues of the Global Roaming Population estimated to be over 1 billion subscribers. Attracting just 1% of this population with an ARPU equal to present pilot projects would generate in excess of 250 million USD per month. So it is our opinion that this represents the single greatest business opportunity in Mobile to date! In addition to this revenue is the potential equal revenue from Hubbing & Signalling. (Unlimited M2M & Mobile Banking Applications)

VMSPs and their associated Master Dealers are the main route to market and based on initial pilots of this business model, it is estimated that just one individual VMSP can generate 100,000 active subscribers within the first full year of business. Licensing alone can generate tens of millions of dollars and as an incentive all licensed partners share in the licensing revenue.

The Real Obstacle to Innovation in Today’s Global Communication Networks

In Roamobi’s opinion what is the biggest obstacle to innovation is the fact that the world’s communication networks are controlled largely by a handful of leading global vendors which build and control the worlds core networks. This severely hampers progress and innovation and has led to weak solutions where innovation has been largely limited to finding ways to ‘Patch’ existing networks with is what are called Software Defined Network Solutions (SDNs). In Roamobi’s view this allows the existing incumbent vendors to remain in control and does not allow for true innovation. This can only be achieved with completely Vendor-Free core networks built from scratch and truly open source.

What Can Be Achieved by Roamobi’s Approach?

  1. You need only one SIM card and that could be a virtual one
  2. Calling and/or exchanging data to any geographic location can be for free or at local tariffs on any device
  3. Real convergence of your fixed and mobile assets
  4. Massively Increased Reliability & Security – You don’t face a regular network breakdown
  5. and You will receive only ever one global invoice

An Innovative New Business Model – VMSP

ROAMOBI will also build its subscribers and sell its handsets by the creation of a new type of global license which will empower any individual with a willingness to work hard, to build a global brand presence equal to that of any existing mobile operator – Mobile Operators built and owned by the People.


ROAMOBI will be the only Integrated Global Mobile Communication Solution which is set to revolutionize mobile communication providing;


  • Unified Services on One Global GSM Network.
  • Simplified Global Low-Cost Tariffs.
  • Multiple Over the Air Local Identities.
  • Total Call Control.
  • A New Type of Global Number not belonging to any country.

A Unique offering to the Large Corporates of the World


Roamobi understands that the world’s leading corporations no longer want to be limited by being held under contract by individual Mobile Operators and would sooner take the best from every mobile offering in the market and integrate with their own IP Networks used internally with the goal of;

  • Becoming independent of external parties
  • Integrating existing investments in infrastructure PBX, LAN and WAN
  • And becoming their own Virtual Telecom Provider & Global Mobile Operator

Enterprises are hesitant, even afraid to switch Mobile Network Operators. Prices therefore are high and control, integrated services and quality tend to be limited and old fashioned.

Roamobi’s RoamCloud Solution, is turning the tables on these situations by moving the control from the MNO to the Enterprise. This is achieved by;

  • Intelligent connections between your diverse geographic locations that have different network capacities, poor or rich by the Integration of 2G/3G/4G/Wifi network Solutions.
  • Using your existing corporate (telecom) infrastructure: PBX, Internet, fixed lines & Wifi.
  • protecting your existing communication infrastructure investments.
  • Simplify your security approach.
  • Dramatically Simplify your administration globally.

An Ethical Business Model Which Supports the Under-Privileged


Micro Sponsorship would allow individuals & families in more developed parts of the world to sponsor individuals in developing countries to enter this new business model with micro licenses – where hard working individuals can earn their way to success within the Roamobi Ethical Business Model.

Roamobi Unique Position of Strength and Independence

ROAMOBI’s unique position stems from the fact that it is not in any financial debt from any of the Technologies it is integrating. It also has exclusive rights in place to key elements of its commercial offering. It is able to pull back from being tied up as a MNO, burdened with the debt of 3G licenses. It is not compromised as many Handset manufacturers are, due to the semi-monopoly of the MNO’s who buy their product. Neither is it hamstringed by limitations on the use of its software applications like many solution vendors who are dependent on permission being granted by MNO’s to sell their applications. ROAMOBI will continue to work with independent Mobile Operators and maintain its truly unique and independent position to roll out its own Global Virtual Network built on complimentary proprietary technologies.

Recognition in its Home Market


The Roamobi Project has won recognition within its home market and has represented the UK at a number key world Expo’s such as Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas & Mobile World Congress (MWC). They also won a place at UKTI “Britain is Great” event held during London 2012 Olympics to showcase UK leading technology launching a revolutionary mobile handset designed for the UK Olympics and the Global Tourist Market.

As a guest of the American Embassy in London Roamobi has for the second year running been included in the US backed delegation to CES and is looking to roll out its solutions in US Markets from mid-2016.

The Exit Strategy

‘Si vis pacem para bellum’ (when you want peace, prepare for war) stated Julius Caesar. The business is being built has an eye on long term continuity and high dividends. Thus we will be all the more attractive to other incumbent players in the Global Market.

Potential buyers may be MNOs, Telecom Service Providers or VCs investing in telecoms. Other potential candidates for a takeover are Skype, Google, Apple, Facebook and the likes as they are in need of the technology, contracts and mobile footprint this technology offers.