ICD & Micro-Dealer

The next level of involvement is the ICD Dealer who is licensed by the local VMSP to operate under their Mobile Services Brand. This license allows then to build their own customer base with the full range of VMSP communication products. They make a commission on all set-up fees and also a residual income on all airtime sales and continued customer airtime usage. This is in exchange for first line customer support and continued marketing to new customers

In some cases, this position can be earned by hard working ICD’s but it can also be purchased as part of the VMSD License.

The Micro Dealer program was established to allow any VMSP to sub-license a small low-cost dealership to build end users in multiple global locations and support and train them through Master Dealers (VMSDs)
It was also created by Roamobi to enable family members and other benevolent individuals in developed countries to hold out a helping hand to assist those in developing countries to be able enter the business opportunity without the normal licensing fees. The Micro-Dealer Sponsorship packages can be purchased by the Sponsor on behalf of the nominated prospective Micro-Dealer. The nominated person must present a professional image (Local training can be provided) and be able to make a basic presentation of the key VMSP products & services. The Micro-Dealer Sponsorship Pack includes a Roamobi Powered Smart Phone to run the business a bunch of 5 Global SIM Samples, a prepaid airtime account and a Softphone Sample.