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What is a Global IPBX

The mission of this collaboration was the production of a truly Ubiquitous Mobile Communication Service built on a new type of Open Global Mobile Platform for the benefit of all mankind irrespective of economic standing and with or without access to the internet

To build a Global Communication Network with Shared ownership by all those building it
Pooling their intellectual property, this group of individuals and international partners will produce what would undoubtedly become the “Mother of all” Mobile Devices and would be built on the ”Mother of All” Communication Platforms following the launch of the Version 8 Global SIM in 2016.


Our Ethics
Ethically the group wish to make this solution available to the whole of mankind, in that the solution would work on existing first generation mobile networks as well as the latest 5G networks. It would not be dependent on access to the internet thus allowing every family on earth to share in its potential


It is also Roamobi’s plan to build a ‘Global Network of the People’ by empowering ordinary people to become part owners of a New Global Mobile Network built on Roamobi Technologies. Utilizing the Micro-Dealer Program benevolent people in the West will fund underprivileged but hard working & conscientious people in developing countries to become trained communication consultants. These individuals will have a clear path outlined to gain equity in the Global Network by building their own global customer base with just their mobile phone.