THE VMSP Business Model

Investment Opportunity

Roamobi is never satisfied to stand still and they made plans in 2012 to develop the next generation in Mobile Operator Platforms. Similar to antiquated banking systems there are still elements of even the latest mobile platforms which are held back by legacy components which hold off a truly integrated mobile solution for the future, where a truly ubiquitous IP based solution is required. To this end Roamobi have created the first truly IP based solution which will integrate all elements of a user’s communication needs into one seamless IP based solution. Putting together all their 20 years of accumulated knowledge and expertise and rethinking every element of the mobile platform Roamobi has completed a test bed Mother of all Mobile Platforms. They will open the opportunity to their key private investment partner to take a stake in the 4th Generation Core Network underway. This new partner investment will be used to make a commercial deployment of this Ubiquitous Mobile Operator Platform with Roamobi iGLR (Intelligent HLR) Technology & Support RTMIS (Real Time Multiple IMSI Switching) and full Global iPBX Integration. The Value of Roamobi is based on the combined intellectual property being combined into the Roamobi Solution which has resulted from some 15 years of constant development. The Source Code of the key elements of the new proprietary platform will also be transferred to Roamobi following the new investment.

The Exit

It has long been understood that the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Google & Samsung have aspirations to become full mobile operators. The major MNOs have at the same time been unwilling to facilitate such a move. Roamobi can in stage two facilitate such a move and also support major corporations such as Cisco & Coca Cola to launch as Virtual Global Mobile Operators with the power to control their own branded virtual global mobile platforms. It is also noteworthy that Social Media Giants like Facebook wish to harness more of the power of a truly mobile solution under their control. Roamobi is ideally placed to facilitate this future. Each of the multiple VMSPs entering the market have the potential to become global brands and to go public in their own right. With values in excess of MVNOs which have already attracted in as much as 1000 USD per active subscriber in acquisitions by MNOs. An average VMSP can easily reach a value in excess of Ten Million Dollars. ROAMOBI anticipates being able to sell hundreds of VMSP licenses in 2016/17.