Roamobi Based Products are aimed at these Key Prospective User Groups

  1. The private/SME traveller and International Phone Card market.
  2. The international business traveller market.
  3. MNOs using the service as a Hub for their own customers
  4. Local SME market offering hosted mobile PBX
  5. The Large Corporate Market.

Recent Developments and Investment opportunity

The ROAMOBI project partner’s completed the creation of a new company in Europe in 2014 to act as a vehicle to build the new proposed 4th Generation Global iGLR (Intelligent Global Location Register) which will revolutionize HLR based roaming. This has opened up an exciting investment opportunity.

This company will offer selected partners the opportunity for equity in the combined technologies created by the ROAMOBI Project. They will co-own the physical platform powering all VMSP global activity. They will also share in all the wholesale revenues from the Global Hub created and the switching of wholesale traffic.