Mike Kellett – Chairman of the Roamobi Project & CEO of Roamobi Technology Ltd (Created in 2014 as a vehicle to bring together all key elements of the Roamobi Project) An entrepreneur from the age of 17 and for some 15 years working with Non-for-Profit activities on two continents. After having children in the mid-90’s he founded a number of companies in Norway & Sub-Saharan Africa where he conceived a new mobile technology harnessing the power of the new GSM networks called SMSCall which was developed in Canada and launched in multiple countries around the world. This led to his eventual collaboration with Bartel Verkruijssen which was formalized in 2006 and became the Roamobi Project. The inventor of the VMSP business model (WWW.VMSP.Mobi) which was devised as a replacement for the ill thought-out MVNO model. VMSP was designed to attract a new kind of Virtual Mobile Network Owner and to grow the mobile business at a much faster pace by harnessing the power of the direct-sales business model. Mike entered University Later in life at a Masters Level after an invitation from a Liverpool University in the early 2000’s although Mike prefers to state that he had already graduated from the “University of Hard Knocks” but his master’s studies in business admin were very valuable in refining the new VMSP business model.


Bartel (Bart) Verkruijssen Snr –  The inventor of the award winning patented technology called SIM Controlled Calling (SCC) which is used in the many millions of Global SIM cards in use today. It was the winner of one of the Top Honours in the mobile industry – the Technology Award from the GSMA in 2001. SCC brought about a revolution in mobile roaming although the incumbent MNOs have fought hard to hold off the massive changes to which Bart’s invention would inevitably lead. Bart is a true Communications Visionary with an unparalleled understanding of the Mobile Industry and where it needs to go in the next decade. Bart will join his son on the board of Directors in 2016. He presently serves in a key advisory role and is working on high level Roamobi Presentations to Fortune 500 Companies. It is agreed that Bart would take over as chairman of ROAMOBI on completion of the Investment in the Fourth Generation Platform due to be completed by the third quarter 2016.


Bartel (Bartel) Verkruijssen Jnr – Inheriting his father’s flair for thinking-out-of-the-box and bringing in some new ways of achieving our goals – by the harnessing of the vast open source communities who have willingly participated in the building the “Mother of All Mobile Platforms” for the new age of – The Internet of Things.  Bartel studied Physics & Innovation Management at the University of Utrecht, NL. He worked as CTO for Sysinteq.bv being responsible for the design and implementation of IT networks for customers like the Bank of China. He also developed apps for mobile VoIP (before Viber) and designed the integration of mobile and Wifi networks.


Martin Vincent Bergin (Vincent) – The founder of Sentiro & Vision NG and the co-founder of the “One Global Number” project founded with Mike in 2012. Vincent persevered with the arduous ITU process in making the new Global Number Range a reality which took some 10 years of hard work to materialize. Mike & Vincent went on to create the vehicle One Global Number Limited as a 50-50 ROAMOBI JV in 2012 and has now completed the infrastructure to route the new Global Numbering System throughout the world once local retail access is complete by negotiations with key local MNOs in each key markets. In February 2016 the final landmark was achieved when the ITU agreed finally to authorise the creation of an associated Global IMSI the first of its kind ever created.

VMSPs Expand Global Growth

We want to specially credit the VMSPs pioneers whom have been licensed to expand into Global Markets. These pioneers have truly benefited the Roamobi Project in developing and refining the Global Products & Services in all corners of the earth. In 2016 we anticipate a tremendous growth of their associate VMSD & Dealer Teams in all key cities around the Globe.