The VMSP & VMSE business models were conceived by Mike Kellett in 2006 built loosely on ideas built up over 20 years of Telecoms Activity and refined during his Masters studies at Liverpool University. This program was Commercially launched in November 2015 after a number of Pilots were completed throughout the globe in partnership with VMSE partners. VMSP (Virtual Mobile Service Provider) is based on the MVNO business model which was established by the world’s Mobile Operators over the last 15 years to resell their services in local markets. MVNO is very expensive and may involve several million dollars of financial investment. In most markets it can be difficult to get a good return on this investment. Also the products made available are only white label versions of local products being sold by the operator and may not easily stand out in the market. Usually MNOs create MVNO to go after business they do not want to handle themselves such as ethnic markets and other niche.


VMSP is the sole vehicle for taking ROAMOBI Mobile Technologies to market and ROAMOBI has married these revolutionary technologies with various mobile devices including a new type of low cost miniature mobile phone (About the size of a credit card). The target market is the lucrative international mobile roaming market targeting the 1 billion consumers who travel into expensive foreign networks with their mobiles.


There is a great range of business opportunities in the VMSP model from a Micro Dealer with which is created as sponsorship to individuals in developing countries all the way up to the VMSE which has some geographical control of key markets.

All VMSPs are licensed directly by Roamobi in association with VMSE (Virtual Mobile Service Enabler) partners. VMSE partners have some exclusive geographical control of key markets. All licensing fees from new VMSP’s and the associated dealer programs are shared with the VMSE together with a lucrative wholesale airtime & data revenue.


The VMSP (Virtual Mobile Service Provider) in partnership with the local VMSE, VMSPs are created as the sole marketing vehicles for white labelling ROAMOBI technologies. The license fee includes a state of the art back office similar to what MVNOs use to provision and manage SIM cards and to register and manage their subscribers. VMSPs can realistically see a return on investment within six months and may be making substantial profits within one year. Unlike MVNOs, VMSPs need very little technical expertise and no platform hardware investment as the VMSP license fee includes a complete package to launch white label services within three weeks of receipt of license fees. There are no geographic limitations put on VMSPs. In harmony with the nature of the new globalized market VMSPs can sell wherever they have outlets or dealers around the world. To protect their investment, the ‘first sale’ must be ‘person to person’ not sold directly over the internet. The primary VMSP marketing solution is the self-generating ‘Dealer Program’. Of course airtime sales and management of users is supported in the VMSP package so it is only the first sale that should be person to person.

Within every unique brand there will be a dedicated Dealer Program which will license various levels of dealers to distribute the VMSP brand around the globe.  This common Dealership Program which will allow entrepreneurs to become International Communication Consultants (ICDs) and act as Product & Services Dealers on behalf of Individual VMSPs.


To protect each VMSP brand under license the ‘First Sale’ to a subscriber will not be online. This will obligate a new subscriber to go directly to an appointed dealer in their locality. Obviously pre-paid airtime can be purchased online and Auto-Top-Up for Credit card users but in every eventuality a new subscriber must buy the initial product from an authorized VMSP Dealer. This protects the investment of each VMSP licensee.

The VMSP Business Opportunity

The Global Market is estimated to be over 1 Billion users who regularly travel across borders and have issues with expensive existing mobile roaming. VMSP fills this lucrative niche and in stage two ROAMOBI and its partners will integrate a local in country solution which will be competitive in the local market also thus of interest to long term residents and compete in the local ethnic markets presently supported by MVNOs like Lebara & Lyca Mobile etc


Even taking 1% of the lucrative part of one average mobile operator’s Roaming Revenues can run into Millions of Dollars of turnover for one individual VMSP so there is no need to create too many waves to make impressive revenues. Many VMSPs stay under the radar of incumbent MNOs by attracting high value clients from all the local mobile operators without denting any individual MNO bottom line substantially and generating substantial revenues for themselves.


In developing countries VMSPs will be obligated to support growth amongst any in their communities who require support to enter the Mobile Sales Industry. This includes sponsorship of hard working individuals to be equipped with facilities and equipment to start out in the VMSP dealer program. Benevolent Sponsors will support exemplary hard working individuals to enter the world of Communication Sales by providing a Micro-Dealer-Starter-Pack which will be delivered free of charge to successful candidate.